The Sex Buyers

Who are the sex buyers?

King County, Seattle, WA, is currently piloting a new Demand Reduction Model to reduce commercial sexual exploitation. This model focuses on the participants in these crimes who do have a choice: the buyers who drive demand.

Sex buyers come from every walk of life: doctors, lawyers, executives, police, pastors, teachers, counsellors, tech workers, and laborers. Sex buyers include both fathers and sons.

Buyers are mostly men. They are from all races and ethnicities, and have a higher than average education. 54% of buyers are married.

Misogyny and heavy pornography use are common among buyers.

VCASE Resource Document - Who are the sex buyers?

Source Document: Valiant Richey, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for King County, Seattle, WA, Public Lecture, October 16, 2017, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC

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